We are proud to have Joe as one of our senior design consultants.  For almost 19 years, Joe has been a sought after designer for Tile America, cultivating relationships with his clients.  His focus, product knowledge and just simply loving what he does, is evident in projects and the feedback we get from his clients.  Building the personal relationship allows him to infuse his design element while capturing the personality of his clients and how they live and interact with the space.

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860-236-1931 ext. 3102

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classic timeless elegance 

Carrara marble - a staple for the ages - never looked so good!  An ageless, impeccable look that never gets dated.    Joe knows how to help unleash your personal style and takes cues from the architecture and period of your home to implement newly featured products with elements of classic styling to create a space that looks like it's simply meant to be.