I'm a mother, freelance artist/painter, and student at Paier College of Art. I enjoy being outside, kayaking, practicing yoga, working with my hands, making memories with with my daughter, Stella, and wine.

I am inspired by stories, energy and emotion; each individual is completely unique in all three. Getting to know about my client helps me figure out how his or her personal space should feel. The design process in itself is an inspiring journey, because we discover new things along the way: the client's likes/dislikes, what makes the client feel calm, what makes the client feel happy, etc. I am inspired when my clients are excited about our work. 

I would describe my design style as "Eclectic Elegance". I love using earthy tones that help make a space feel organic and free-spirited, with tasteful and uplifting pops of color. I'm inspired by designs that are fresh and unique-- designs that make you go "OooOoooh!" Great design tells a story, invokes emotion, and functions well. And, you've always gotta have a little something funky!


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