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The Tiburon series is a classic floor and wall collection with inspirations from traditional vein-cut travertine in ceramic and porcelain. Tiburon offers many sizes, styles, and finishes among the collection and is available in four soft tones: White, Light Grey, Silver, and Beige.  Note: Beige, Light Grey, and White are rated for all residential and commercial uses.  Silver is rated for all residential and light commerical applications. 


Country of Origin
Wear Rating
Class 5 Suitable for all Residential and Commercial Application. Class 5 tiles are suitable for all applications including those with heavy traffic and constant use. (i.e., Shopping Malls, Hospitals), Class 4 All Residential and Light Commercial Applications. Class 4 tiles may be used in all residential areas and light commercial applications. (i.e., restaurants, offices)
Frost Proof
Porcelain, Ceramic

Per ANSI standard A108.02,4.3.82, joints on tiles longer than 18" should not be staggered more than 1/3 the length of the tile. 


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