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Lili Cement

Spring 2019 Collection!  Lili Cement is a high-quality cement tile that boasts multi-color patterns, durability, and a refined look. Hand-crafted and decorative, these tiles create stunning feature walls and floor coverings.  Inspired by the planet, moon, & stars our new collection is bursting with color!

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Wear Rating
Class 4 All Residential and Light Commercial Applications. Class 4 tiles may be used in all residential areas and light commercial applications. (i.e., restaurants, offices)


How Cement Tiles are Made:

Our production process is as unique as our tiles. We use copper molds and have over 100 different designs ranging from classic to modern, and everything in between. Our talented artisans carefully pour naturally pigmented cement into the copper molds and use patented equipment to press the designs to life. Our tiles are not flammable and completely recyclable.