How to get started

Flat layout of tile inspiration    Fabric inspiration

Start with inspiration

Inspiration can come from objects that speak to your design esthetic...  a work of art, a pillow, or a piece of fabric.  Explore online for more ideas by using Tile America's Inspiration pages and websites like Pinterest as Houzz.  

Visualizer tools help you see your finished space.  Go to Tile America’s Visualizer for tile and Sherwin Williams wall visualizer for paint.


Wooden Tub with Glassworks tile in color Champagne

How will you use your space

What is the purpose of your project? Is it appearance or function? Is this your forever home or are you dressing it up for resale?


Consider how your new space will work with the rest of your home. If you are remodeling, consider elements that are not changing like existing cabinets or floors, and elements you need to work with like plumbing and windows. If designing from scratch, the message is still true. The rooms should have some common qualities. 

Ocean blue tile niche shower

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Consider Size

Large-format tiles can make a space feel more modern because there are fewer grout joints. A small tile, like a mosaic, will work perfectly in a small area because of the scale.  The tile you choose should suit the inspiration style you’ve established and the color should evoke an emotional connection with the rest of the space.  

Stellar Dahlia Fontain Backsplash Kitchen with white cabinets


On the wall textured and relief tiles can add a dimensional and a sculptural statement that can become a work of art.

On the floor textured tiles can also be functional, creating a non-slip effect perfect for high-traffic floors.

Designed for life bathroom elongated niche, heated floor, grab/towel bar


Creature comforts elevate how you use the space such as a heated floor, a towel bar that doubles as a grab bar, a corner shelf footrest for shaving! It’s all about the details...think about how you will use the space. 


Tile America has over 50 years of experience in the tile and stone industry.  We offer products and solutions for any type of tile project. 

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