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  • An awesome experience with Chris! He was very knowledgeable about the products in store and answered all my questions!

    Jessica S. : Forest, VA & Branford, CT

  • I am so thankful that I found Robin at Tile America! I was renovating a kitchen and bathroom at the same time so I needed a lot of help. Robin spent so much time and effort helping me. She is extremely knowledgeable and talented. She has great vision, and was very invested in helping me make the best possible choices for my projects. She was available to me throughout the process and responded very quickly when I had questions. I have no doubt that my bathroom and kitchen both came out so beautifully because of Robin's help!

    Paula H. : Fairfield, CT

  • Jen's knowledge and help was invaluable in our coming up with a bathroom we love.

    Katharine I. 12/2016: Fairfield, CT

  • Terri was most helpful. She has excellent product knowledge and is also very patient. Her taste level is quite high which ensures a beautiful result.

    Paul S.: Bridgewater, CT

  • Diamond was our first contact about 18 months ago for our kitchen re-do.  Her knowledge, professionalism and customer-focused approach made us loyal customers.  A couple months ago we revisited Tile America for help with a total main bath re-do.  We worked with Karen R. who was also an absolute delight to work with.  Karen's thorough product knowledge and patient customer focus helped us reach the right decisions for tile and accessories for our new bath.  Karen worked with us to give us the best value for our purchase and insured timely delivery of all components.  We've researched other tile outlets before choosing Tile America, but will look no further when our next project comes up! Thanks, Karen & Diamond, and thanks to management for hiring them.

    Doug & Rosemary B. 3/2018: Fairfield

  • My daughter and I were given immediate attention and outstanding help.

    Dr. Irvin 3/2018: Stamford

  • I worked with Janice at Tile America, from the moment I met her, I knew she really "knew her stuff" with tile.  She helped us with design, installation options and made sure that our tile was delivered ASAP.  Janice really got the big picture.  She worked with us form beginning until end and knew our kitchen and bathroom projects and what we wanted.  I give Janice an A+ for knowledge of her product, her design skills and her ability to work with people.  I would recommend her highly to anyone who needs a hand with a tile project, she is the best!

    Nancy M 3/2018: New Haven

  • Janice worked with us from day one and was so helpful.  Her patience, design sense and knowledge of products made our decisions feel right.  It all looks beautiful.

    Emily D. 3/2018: New Haven, CT

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