Artistic Tile

Tile, stone and glass are now available in formats never before accessible to designers and architects. This CEU will review the newest tile, stone and glass products and discuss when and where to specify them, provide examples of how best to use them, and give guidance on proper installation and care.

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Laticrete International

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AIA-01 |  Water as Design Medium - This seminar will discuss the design and specification issues to be considered when designing areas that will be subject to water exposure. The program will highlight the options for, Surface Preparation, Waterproofing, Setting Materials, and Grouts, including the benefits that are now available through new technology in this field. The course will review and emphasize the detailing necessary to obtain successful installations of tile and stone in wet areas, while comparing cost and labor impacts for the various systems presented.

AIA-02 | Ceramic Tile and Stone Troubleshooting - This generic educational seminar will provide an overview of the most common tile and stone installation problems. This presentation provides information on the causes, corrections, and prevention of ceramic tile and stone installation failures.

Accredited By: AIA

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Lunada Bay

2 CEU’s offered

1 | Color Theory and Its Application - Examining the impact of light, vision, and texture on color in the design environment. Presentation outlines the basics of color theory and psychology, followed by an engaging discussion of how materials such as ceramics, wood, textiles and glass can be fully integrated to create and define cohesive, beautiful spaces.

2 | 2018 & Beyond - Participants will be able to explain the differences between a trend tracker and a trend master. Participants will be able to capture, process and analyze trend signs and other research materials in the mindset of a trend master. Participants will be able to recognize the evolution of design trends in current design and the influences behind them.Participants will be able to identify market strategies and propose innovative ways to reach new audiences. Participants will be able to identify the ever-changing consumer and explain how design influences their purchasing decision.Participants will be able to examine the latest looks in home design and colors.

Accredited by: AIA, ASID

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Miracle Sealants

Stone Care

What you should know, Natural Stone Characteristics,
Protection, Maintenance, and Restoration 

This one hour course will give design professionals a general understanding of natural stone and the best practices for care and maintenance. Find out what to expect from a stone sealer in both interior and exterior applications and discover the truth about when to seal and when not to seal. Discuss the chemical make-up of different types of cleaners and how they can affect the longevity of your stone installation.

Accredited by:   AIA, ASID, IDC, IDEC, IIDA

CONTACT: Michael Sawicki

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Oceanside Glass

This course is designed to educate the audience on the types of glass tile on the market today.  There are many types of glass on the market produced in various ways.  We will go over the history of glass tile, quality standards in place to help protect the consumers, manufacturing methods, mounting methods, sustainability and installation methods.  At the end of this presentation, the audience will have the confidence to specify the right products for the right applications.

Accredited by:  IDCEC

CONTACT: Rick Crane

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Stonepeak Ceramics

1 | The Greenest Choice for Flooring - This program will cover the characteristics that define porcelain tile. We will discuss how porcelain tile is the greenest choice as a flooring material and therefore is ideal for sustainable design. Attendees will also learn how “green” tile is manufactured. The course covers how porcelain tile relates to green building rating systems like LEED.

2 |  Large Thin Porcelain Tile – The goal of this course is to teach architects and designers the fundamentals of large/thin porcelain tiles, from what they are and how they are made to what makes them “green” and examples of their use.

3 | Tile Fundamentals & Current Information For the Architect Designer & End User - This program will cover the characteristics that define porcelain tile and review the manufacturing processes. Participants will learn about different types of tile technologies and how it relates to form and function. This course will also provide information about general topics that determine the long-term performance of an installation such as maintenance, grout selection and tips on using polished material.

4 |ANSI Standards & Physical Characteristics of Porcelain Tile - This course will cover new industry recommendations pertaining to porcelain tile installations published in the TCNA Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation. Participants will review the proper applications for natural stone tiles as well as porcelain tiles. Attendees will also learn about various specifications and requirements for multiple types of installations. The course will cover how porcelain tile relates to green building rating systems like LEED.

Accredited by: AIA

CONTACT: Andrea Mo

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SICIS is now offering a CEU course approved by IDCEC, (CEU-110279), “Designing with Glass”.  Each attendee earns 1 CEU Credit for ASID, IIDA, and IDC, see link below for FAQ’s