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Hardie Backer Board

August 14th, 2019

  • Do I need any special tools to cut HardieBacker®?

No. HardieBacker® Cement Board cuts easily with hand tools, such as a scoring knife, shears, or a utility knife. Cut our board quick and clean, using the score and snap method. Clean cuts enable tighter seam lines and generate less dust and debris so you have minimal clean-up. Check out our video on how to cut HardieBacker® to learn more. 


  • Why does strength matter in a backer board?

Strength of backer board helps provide a solid foundation for a tile job to facilitate long-lasting results. HardieBacker® has the highest compressive and flexural strength of any cement board on the market. The greater the compressive and flexural strength of a tile underlayment (backer board), the better a tile job can manage weight loads (stress) reducing the likelihood of tile job failures to arise, such as cracked tile. 

  • Is HardieBacker® really made of cement?

Yes. It is comprised of 90% Portland cement and sand. We do not use fillers or abrasive aggregates. This unique cement formulation and structure provide the ideal combination of strength, uniform composition, and performance that no other backer board can provide.

HardieBacker Spec Sheet


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