Maintaining your Tile



One of many great things about ceramic tile is that it requires very little maintenance.

To keep your tile looking its best, year after year, here are a few important DOs and DON'Ts.



You should clean your tile with a damp sponge mop, using a small amount of soapless detergent in warm water.

If you use a cleaner, make sure it's neutral - non-acidic and non-alkaline.

Where soil is more concentrated, use a cleaner made specifically for ceramic tile.


You should not use soap on tile. It leaves a film which dulls the surface and promotes mildew.

You should not use an acid or ammonia-based cleaner, because it could affect the color of the grout. Acid-based cleaners will cause polished marble tiles to dull.

You should not use bleach or vinegar and water - vinegar is an acid.

You should not use steel wool pads or any abrasive materials on tile or stone. These materials can scratch or dull the surface. Any loose particles of steel left on the grout will cause rust stains.

Tile, Grout and Stone require different types of maintenance. For complete details on protecting, cleaning, and solving problems with these surfaces please call or visit one of our locations for a complete line of products.



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In this video, Diane Phelan of LATICRETE® will discuss tips and tricks to properly clean a tile shower using a variety of professional-grade STONETECH® surface care and maintenance products. She’ll go over: - Routine maintenance on natural stone tile and grout - Appropriate cleaners to use - neutral PH cleaner - How to remove mold and mildew in shower and grout lines - How to remove soap scum - Tools to use for cleaning your shower such as: toothbrush, squeegee, micro fiber cloth - Tips on keeping a cleaner, longer lasting shower Watch additional tips and tricks videos on our YouTube channel. And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to get notified of new videos we’ve added! Have questions or comments, leave them below or visit, to learn more about our complete line of stone, tile, masonry and grout care products from LATICRETE.