What is wear rating?

Wear rating is a tile's ability to resist scratching from surface abrasion.  The chart below shows how tiles are rated.   Knowing the Class and what it means, will make your tile selection easier - steering you clear from a tile that may not perform over time.  All tile comes with various ratings, but solid-bodied porcelains usually carry the highest rating of 5 - which is the most durable for all residential and commercial use.


Class 1

Wall Application Only.

Class 2

Light Residential Use. Class 2 tiles must not be used in residential areas that are subject to constant or heavy traffic. (i.e., kitchen)

Class 3

Residential Applications. Class 3 tiles are suitable for all residential applications.

Class 4

All Residential and Light Commercial Applications. Class 4 tiles may be used in all residential areas and light commercial applications. (i.e., restaurants, offices)

Class 5

Suitable for all Residential and Commercial Application. Class 5 tiles are suitable for all applications including those with heavy traffic and constant use. (i.e., Shopping Malls, Hospitals)

Class 8

Varies. Customer should discuss proper application with showroom design associate.